Fasteners knowledge

Hexagon nuts may appear to be simple fasteners, but they undergo several processes before transforming into the hexagon nut that we commonly see. Lets check it out together!

In a typical manufacturing process, tools, materials, fasteners, and other items are constantly used. Sometimes, they run out of stock, requiring the responsible person to check regularly and maintain an optimal stock level for smooth production.

What is mill sheet? How to read them? What are concerned points? Lets check it out together!

How a small but amazing device called fasteners was invented? Let check it out together!

Have you ever wondered that can we use or replace JIS fasteners instead of DIN or ISO fasteners? Today, I will explain about this issue, let’s check it out together!

As we have been operating our business for over 70 years, we do have a business related to numbers of fasteners, plating, heat treatment, and machining/cutting factories. Let's check detail in our blog!

Today’s topic is about the drive of screw, let’s see what are the differences between Phillips drive and JIS drive in our blog!

Have you ever wondered what are full thread and half thread fasteners? What are their differences and applications? Let’s check it out together!

Spanner in everyday use, what does the number on it refer to? Today let check it out together!

Are you wonder What does M in fasteners business mean? Why we couldn`t call Tapping/Drilling screw as M? I am going to explain this to you in this blog

You guy may curious why there are both Metric and Imperial fasteners in the world, also which one should we select to use with our product then. Today, I will share some of my thought about this issue to you guys.

Hello everyone! This is the volcano of Hanshin Neji This is my favorite one, the Hot Forging. Heat the material and dynamically forge them into the fasteners!

What are Cutting and Rolling thread? we will explain them in the easiest way, please come and have a look!

Why U-Bolt body is thinner than thread part, i am going to explain it in this article.

Have you ever curious what does numbers 4.8, 8.8, 10.9 or 12.9 on the Fasteners head which generally using in manufacturing industry and general usage refer to?  Today we will clarify this issue and make good understanding for you.

Let`s see, what are necessary information for fasteners when you make request for quotation

For this chapter, we will see the deep information of the cause of Hydrogen embrittlement.

Let's see what is Hydrogen Embrittlement, and what are their causes.

This content contains basic knowledge of fasteners that suit for everyone who are new to this industry

Why this is considered to be one of the most powerful anti-loose solution in the world? We will take a look in detail about this solution.

We will provide an introduction to RoHS and REACH, which are representative environmental documents which are demanding on these days.

How fasteners can be fastened, let check it out together!