How fasteners can be fastened?


How fasteners can be fastened?

    Hi everyone, welcome to our blog. I am Yamazato from Hanshin Neji Co.,Ltd.

I would like to write a content for our blog from now on. I intend to make this blog to be useful for all readers. Most of the content are about fasteners technology, product introduction, our thought and also business news.

          First article of this blog will be “Why fasteners can be fastened?”

I have been written several topics for fasteners principle, but this is the most important topic in my opinion because most of fasteners loosing or damaged are caused by complication issue that we are unable to know the truth. If we back to the starting point and check it once again, we may see the truth and origin of the real problem that cause by its basic principle. Now there are many anti-loose fasteners on the market for our consideration but the principle of fastening still be the same.

So, if we understand this principle, we can apply this knowledge for many kinds of fasteners application, this is not an exaggeration.

          Naturally when we fastened, target area will be getting smaller this make fasteners can be fastened firmly. We might never think about this simple thing. Then let’s talk about how it can be fastened and not instantly loose as below.

          There are 2 forces that related to fastening principle which are Axial Force and Friction Force.

When we are using a screwdriver or wrench to fasten a particular fastener into an object, more tightly feeling you will get when keep fastening because fastener is being stretched. At a certain point, it will be too tight, and we can’t unfasten it with bare hands because it’s shrunk back, that made its surface attached to the object. We called this, Axial force (Picture 1). At the same time, this action will increase friction force to the surface of bolt and nut or fasteners also the object to prevent fasteners rotate into reverse clockwise direction and became loose as well. With this fastening principle of stretch and shrink is the one of the causes of fastening system in the building, cars, elevator, appliances, and etc. This is great and amazing!

          How can I know this principle? I have read an article of the birth of fasteners; it’s started from a snail which held on the wooden plate. Drilling a hole and make thread, we can use the advantage of this function to fasten the bolt or screw firmly with axial force.

          This is the one of greatest innovation of humankind, isn’t it? If we didn’t invent this principle, the world without fasteners, Science and technology revolution might not have a chance to invent and make lot of convenience to us, including myself. Fasteners are awesome!