If we got inquiry for non-standard product, what we will do? Solution : Cutting/Machining


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As we have been operating our business for over 70 years, we do have a business related to numbers of fasteners, plating, heat treatment, and machining/cutting factories.

As a fasteners distributor, getting only standard fasteners request would limit our potential to support to customer. As they came to us and request something, this could be their expectation in our potential to be able to supply those parts. Then we are starting to get custom made part which finally became one of our business range.


Then what kind of products are non-standard product?

First of all, as we are a fasteners company, we will separate non-standard product into two big categories as below.

1.       Non-fasteners industrial part Ex. JIG, casting, forging, stamping parts, and etc.

2.       Non-standard fastener part


In this blog, we are going to talk about Non-standard fastener part.

Non-standard fasteners part for us are the product which is not according to JIS standard fasteners or our current maker standard.

What does it mean not according to JIS?

For example;

1.       According to JIS B-1180(Hexagon Bolt) M10x30 : This product will have a head width = 17mm, head height = 7mm, thread length = 26mm. These are just major diameters of this product.

If customer need this product with head height = 5mm, There might be some maker standard elsewhere who are handling this product but if our current suppliers are not handling this product in stock, this will be non-standard product.

2.       According to JIS B-1176(Hex Socket Cap Screw) M10x50 : This product will have a head width = 16mm, Hex socket size = 8mm, head height = 10mm, thread length = 32mm. These are just major diameters of this product.

If customer need this product with thread length = 25mm, this will be non-standard product.

Well let’s see the real case together for better understanding, in case of special thread length is needed, what we will do?

Customer RFQ : Black oxide 12.9 Socket Cap Screw M6x50x12s = 2 pcs

This request is a special request due to standard product thread length for M6x50 will be 24mm but customer requested 12mm thread length.

Then what shall we do? Some company may deny this request due to this is custom made with low quantity.

As we would like to do our best to serve our customer. What we are going to do are;

1.       We will get Black oxide 12.9 Socket Cap Screw M6x80 = 2 pcs

2.       Cut it out for 30mm from 80mm. Then this cap screw will be remained only screw shank(Non-thread)area for 50mm.

3.       Making thread with lathe machine in shank area for 12mm.

4.       The final process is to plate it with black oxide again! Why!?         

a.       Because when we cut and make thread at the shank, plated area will be removed and revealed steel surface.

As customer plating option as Black oxide, this could be assumed that customer need minimum rust prevention.

If surface treatment has been removed, that area might have a risk to be rusted while other area remains protected. So we have to operate surface treatment process for Black Oxide again.

5.       Then this product will turn to be Black oxide 12.9 Socket Cap Screw M6x50x12s as customer request.

This request will take times with several process involved but customer will get what they really need.

In case of few amounts needed, machining is the best way to handle this situation but frankly to say, cost in this way tend to be high.

If customer need this product for sample and have a plan to use in a long term with large amount, we can go mass production for this item from the raw material. This will create Economic of scale that made this product gain cost competitive.

Please see out previous blog as “Fasteners Thread Anatomy : Cutting and rolling thread, what are their differences ?” for information in detail.

We will keep trying to share case study as illustration for reader to understand fasteners much more in upcoming article.


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