We have gained a lot of trust from our customer for over 70 years, with our sincerity principle. Along with our long- period experience in fasteners field, we would like to contribute this with our customer in manufacturing sectionsnot only Japan but all over the world.

Not only JIS standard product but also various fasteners part including custom made products as well. We established our foreign branch in Thailand in 2015 to support our customer in Thailand and South East Asia.
Japan`s only Nylok fasteners stockist

Nylok is a kind of adhesive which applied on fasteners thread and use for critical part of the product with have a potential to be unloose, with its exclusive features, made it very popular apply on the most severe place such as satellite, military unit, high-speed train, and etc.

We are the only company in Japan who have Nylok applied fasteners in stock, small lot sales also available.

We are handling 700,000 SKU fasteners

Our company is base in Osaka city which is a mega city for fasteners industry with our over 70 years fasteners experience, made us holding strong potential for fastener supplying.

Along with our strong global fasteners procurement, combining with our Japanese quality standard control. We would like to work together with any fasteners problem such as unstable quality, difficulty lead time control, export difficulty, and etc.

Some vendors doesn`t accept small lot order, they prefer a big lot but we do accept small lot order and we even be able to deliver to customer with small quantity order. Other than screw, we do handle several kinds of industrial product, please feel free to ask us if you have any inquiry.

We are always welcoming difficult challenge!

Since our establishment in 1947, we have been contributing manufacturing industry in Japan for over 70 years. We are not only supply standard products but also special fasteners production and services.

We would like to contribute our experience to customer with their fasteners difficulty. We are fully welcome to help you out with any fasteners issues, no matter how difficult they are, we will do our best to serve you.