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steel zinc cr+3 socket cap screw

Cap screw/Set screw , 921 Views

steel zinc cr+3 4.8 hexagon bolt half thread

Bolt , 1383 Views

steel zinc cr+3 hard lock nut

Nut , 1055 Views

steel zinc cr+3 round washers

Washer , 825 Views


Original products , 779 Views

nylok hexagon bolt

Nylok , 685 Views

steel zinc cr+3 eye bolt

Other fasteners , 1021 Views

steel zinc cr+3 pan head screw

Screw , 769 Views

upset hex bolt p=1

Assembled screw , 346 Views

chemical anchor rc-12

Anchor Bolt , 362 Views

upset a tapping screw

Tapping / Drilling Screw , 479 Views

parallel key both round

Pin/Parallel Key , 363 Views


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What is Japanese National Sports day, let's check it together!

Spanner in everyday use, what does the number on it refer to? Today let check it out together!

Are you wonder What does M in fasteners business mean? Why we couldn`t call Tapping/Drilling screw as M? I am going to explain this to you in this blog

You guy may curious why there are both Metric and Imperial fasteners in the world, also which one should we select to use with our product then. Today, I will share some of my thought about this issue to you guys.

Hello everyone! This is the volcano of Hanshin Neji This is my favorite one, the Hot Forging. Heat the material and dynamically forge them into the fasteners!

Now, Hanshin Neji accepts PayPay payment!

What are Cutting and Rolling thread? we will explain them in the easiest way, please come and have a look!

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