Standard Products
    We provide several kind of fasteners such as Bolt, Screw, Nut, Washer, Pin, and other related fasteners product over 700,000 SKU from micro screw size to M100 fasteners
    We also provide, industrial tools and other fasteners related product as well, if you couldn`t find your requested product, please feel free to let us know


steel zinc cr+3 4.8 hexagon bolt half thread

Bolt , 1386 Views

Cap Screw/Set Screw

steel zinc cr+3 socket cap screw

Cap screw/Set screw , 922 Views


steel zinc cr+3 pan head screw

Screw , 771 Views


steel zinc cr+3 hard lock nut

Nut , 1056 Views

JIS/ISO Washer

steel zinc cr+3 round washers

Washer , 825 Views

Assembled Screw

upset hex bolt p=1

Assembled screw , 346 Views

Tapping/Drilling Screw

upset a tapping screw

Tapping / Drilling Screw , 481 Views

Pin/Parallel Key

parallel key both round

Pin/Parallel Key , 363 Views

Anchor Bolt

chemical anchor rc-12

Anchor Bolt , 362 Views

Other fasteners

steel zinc cr+3 eye bolt

Other fasteners , 1024 Views