What we have to know when we request a quotation for fasteners product?


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 What we have to know when we request a quotation for Fasteners product?


    For the person who are not into fasteners business may curious about what information on the fasteners name refer to? As you are new to purchasing unit who are responsible to get the price of fasteners from supplier, what information should I provide them, are the information enough?

    Today I am going to explain this information to you as the easiest way as possible to make even amateur in this business still be able to understand.

    There are several ways to describe detail of fasteners, more or less information ways, they are depending on your fastener’s specification and application. As you are reading to this sentence, you may curious to know more about this, let`s see below for an example

Fasteners full description

Low-Carbon Steel/4.8/Zinc Cr+3/Hexagon Hex Bolt/JIS B-1180/M12/x1.75P/x50/x20s/(Half Thread)/Made in Japan/= 20 Pcs

I will explain every detail of this example one by one as below.

Low-Carbon Steel : This is refers to what kind of material they are using for this fasteners, it can be Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium or any possible material which suited to make this fasteners.

              If we would like to indicate more, you can write specific material to supplier as well if you are really need to use that material such as S45C(H) or SCM435. If you wrote only steel or normal steel, supplier may assume that you would like to use Low-Carbon Steel which could be SWCH or SS400 or any equivalent materials.

              If you doesn`t know which material you are going to use, you can provide your application information to supplier then consult with them, they can help you to find the best solution which suits to your application then.

4.8 : This number refers to how much force this fastener can be pulled

4 = 400N/mm², this is the ultimate tensile that you can pull this fastener if your force exceeded this number, fasteners will have a possibility to be broken or damaged.

8 = 80% of 400 N/mm² >> 320 N/mm², this is optimum tensile to use for this fastener and make it remain its flexibility as it`s working like a spring. If it was pulled too much, it will permanently stretch and deform, also unable to return to its origin position.

Zinc Cr+3 : This is refers to plating option, Plating can help fasteners to remain it`s well function and appearance. It can be varied depend on the application.

    In case of this product, Zinc Cr+3 means it will be plated with Electro-Zinc Plating process which make this fastener have shine colors (It can turn to Blue, White, Yellow as chemical they are using at that time) and also have rust prevention ability with RoHs compliance. This is the one of the most common plating options for fasteners.

Hexagon Hex Bolt : This is a type of common fasteners, which have a hexagon shapes head and use with spanner to fasten them. This can be found in almost of the places around our daily life such as Machine, Structure, Car, and etc.

JIS B-1180 : This refer to the standard of the fasteners, this related to the specification and method of producing of it. There are several standards in this world for fasteners such as JIS(Japan), DIN(Germany), ISO(International), GB(China) and ASTM(USA) each standard is invented by each country/group of experts to meet their own industrial standard.

Some of them are common in some points to another but some of them are not.

If you didn`t mention this standard to supplier, they will propose their common or available standard to you.


M12x1.75Px50x20s (Half Thread)

M12 : “M” refers to fasteners thread form in Metric system. Thread angle between each will be 60°for Metric system. “12” refers to Nominal size of fasteners in millimeter (mm).

1.75P : This refers to fasteners thread Pitch, each fasteners sizes have different pitches. They are mostly divided into Normal (Coarse) Pitch and Fine Pitch.

50 : This refers to fasteners thread length excluded their head part but for some types of fasteners such as countersunk screw and set screw, these will be their total length from head to tip of the screw because these fastener will fasten all the way long into the object.

20s : This refers to thread length of fasteners in case of they are Half Thread. This can be varied depend on sizes and fasteners type, each of them have their own standard thread length but if you have specific thread length, you can inform them.

Half Thread : This refers to threaded area of fasteners, unthreaded area we will call it “Shank”. Half thread screw is mostly used for application where it doesn`t need to use all of the threads such as fastening through the hole and lock with Nut at the end.

    Also, if you doesn`t mention anything about whether you need “Full Thread” or “Half Thread” you will get a standard one for the size and length you have requested.

For example, if you requested Hex Bolt M12x30, you will get “Full Thread” as it is a standard type of this size and length. But if you requested M12x40, you will get “Half Thread” as it is a standard type of this size and length.

So, if this is concerned issue for you, please make sure to ask your supplier every time or provide them this information from the first.

Made in Japan : This refers to production origin of the fasteners. There are several countries in the world who can produce fasteners so if customer would like to specify origin of fasteners for specific reason, you can inform to supplier this information as well.


20 Pcs : This refers to how many pieces you would like supplier to quote, mostly higher quantity will be lower price. If you prefer to order them in Box size for inventory purpose, you also can inform supplier as “1 Box or 1 Carton”

By the way, the most common fasteners name that we have been seeing will be as below

4.8 Zinc Cr+3 Hex Bolt M12x50 = 20 pcs

    Even this short version of information also enough if you just need only a standard fastener which you already known about detail of this fasteners or you doesn`t have any concerned specification.

Please remember that, there are 5 main information you need to provide your fasteners supplier to make them make a quotation to you

1.    Material or Strength of material

    1.1 Ex. SUS, Steel, 10.9, and etc.

2.    Plating option

    2.1 Ex. Steel Plain, Black Oxide, Zinc, or etc.

3.    Fasteners type

    3.1 Ex. Hex Bolt, Socket Cap Screw, Tapping A-Type, and etc.

4.    Diameter and length (In case of Bolt/Screw)

    4.1 Ex. M12x50

5.    Quantity

    5.1 Ex. 20 pcs, 1 box, 2 cartons, and etc.

Please be noted that, more information you have provided to supplier, more accurate or suitable fasteners to your application or expectation you will get.

    How was it everyone? Fasteners seem to be just a mere small part but there are a lot of details right. When I just entered fasteners business, I was also shock about this thing as well!

    Anyway, there are deeper detail of each fasteners section that I have explained as above but as I would like to express them into easiest way for everyone, so it turned to be like this pattern. For deeper information of each section, I will try to make another article to explain to readers again.

    Now I hope everyone who read this article will be able to understand much more about how to request fasteners quotation from supplier.

Also, I hope you guys enjoy it!

I am sorry if information I provided are insufficient or misinformation, I would take this responsibility as myself alone.

Thank you for your time reading our article, please stay tune with us for the next article!

If there are any requested article you would like to read, please inform us!


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