National Foundation Day


National Foundation Day 建国記念の日

    National Foundation Day (建国記念の日; Kenkoku Kinen No Hi) is on 11th February of every year to aim for Japanese aware of the foundation of Japan and encourage patriotism of citizen. On this day, Japanese will hold several great traditional parades and celebrations. There are full of audience both Japanese and foreigners who are looking forward to see this parade every year.


Traditional parade on National Foundation Day

     According to Japanese second oldest classical book called Nihon Shoki(日本書紀), written that Emperor Jimmu, the legendary first emperor of Japan got a coronation on 11th February. Then, this day previously called as “Empire Day” (紀元節; Kigensetsu) from Meiji Emperor for increasing the right of royal family reign after fallen of Tokugawa clan. Along with support from the citizen who believed that Emperor reign will create unity for people and solely turned Emperor to be absolute ruler of Japan.  
    Then in 1966 after World War II ended, Government changed Kigensetsu into Kenkoku Kinen No Hi.


Jimmu Emperor, the first legendary emperor of Japan


Meiji Emperor


    Even at the present, National Foundation Day may not refer to the emperor anymore yet Japanese people still spend this holiday with family, friend, or partner in term of participating in cultural activities such as dressing in traditional costume, decorating Japanese national flag, watching parade/show and etc.


Japanese national flag decorating/People are holding the flag in the event