Marine Day



Marine Day, also known as Ocean Day or Sea Day, graces Japan on the third Monday of July. This changed from the static date of July 20th to a more dynamic celebration was part of the Happy Monday System, implemented in 2003 to bring more joy into the start of the week.

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Japan, an archipelago (Island) nation surrounded by the sea, established Marine Day to express gratitude to the ocean. It’s a day when many Japanese embrace marine-related activities, going to the beach or exploring aquarium. On this day it may not be accompanied by grand events across the country like other major holiday but it is better to know the meaning of this day.

From my perspective, the ocean is a vital natural resource that has sustained life throughout history. It has been a source of nourishment, a hub of activity, and a gateway for exploration. For an island nation like Japan, the sea was historically the sole passage to the outside world. It’s fascinating how the Japanese have harvested the bounty of the sea, preserving its gifts to create iconic culinary dishes such as sushi and sashimi.

We, too, can play a role in honoring the ocean by keeping it clean. Simple acts like disposing of our waste properly after a beach visit and spreading environmental awareness contribute to a healthier marine ecosystem. Let’s strive together for a sustainable future, where the ocean continues to flourish and support life on Earth.