Happy Monday System


happy monday system ハッピーマンデー制度

Happy Monday System history

(ハッピーマンデー制度, Happii Mandei Seido)      

            As we are well known that Japanese people put themselves very hard on their work and aim for perfection result along with their great contribution, made Japan turned to be economic leading country in the world. In other hand, stress from working may affect their mind and health which sometimes ended up with suicide case. Japanese government also aware of this issue, then Happy Monday System is launched on 1998 and officially applied from 2000 with extra holiday on 2003.


 What is Happy Monday System?

            Happy Monday System is a system to change the ordinary holiday on specific date into Monday in a week of that month to encourage Japanese people to enjoy longer holiday, which mean 3 consecutive days (Sat-Mon). There are 4 national holidays which are affected from this system;

1.     Coming of Age Day成人の日 Seijin No Hi

Change 15th January to second Monday of January announced in 2000 

2.     Marine day 海の日 Umi No Hi

Change 20th July to Third Monday of July announced in 2003


3.     Respect for the Aged Day 敬老の日 Keirou No Hi

Change 15th September to Third Monday of September announced in 2003


4.     Sports Day体育の日(スポーツの日) Taiiku No Hi (Supotsu No Hi)

Change 10th October to second Monday of October announced in 2000


    Besides from the reason that national holidays are announced for specific purpose of government in each country, national holidays yet have its own definition which is “To take a rest or take a break from work, spend a time with yourself, friend, and family” working hard is a good thing as well as taking enough rest.

    Lastly, we would like to take this opportunity to ask you to take a good rest and make a time for yourself, not only Happy Monday but Happy Everyday for work-life balance of everyone.