Coming of Age Day


Coming of Age Day 成人の日

           In Japan on second Monday of January of every year, it is Coming of Age Day (成人の日 called Seijin No Hi) which is also one of national holiday. Some of Japanese people called this holiday period as “Super Monday” because this is the first 3 days holidays in a row (Sat – Mon) of the year after New Year holiday.

            Seijin in Japanese means, Adult. So this day is the day young Japanese people (Turning 20 in that year) celebrating as they will fully turn to be adult. They will legally get a right to make an election, drinking alcohol, and smoking.

            Coming of Age Day began from Edo era, called (元服 Genpuku) in that period. It keeps changing the way of celebrating time by time, then on 1948 it is officially announced as national holiday on every 15th January of every year then changed to second Monday of January of every year from 2000.

            On this day, there will be several events held in the major location in towns such as city hall, city stadium, and etc. There will be a guest speaker who are elder people and politician in the area, sometimes there are singer, athlete, or actor whose hometown were in that area also join this event as guest speaker as well.

            Adult-to-be people are going wear long sleeves Kimono called (振袖 Furisode) for female and suit or Hakama for male. For some young people, this is a wonderful moment for them to wear beautiful traditional cloth.