Labor Thanksgiving Day


勤労感謝の日 labor day

    Labor Thanksgiving Day (勤労感謝の日in Japanese called “Kinroukansha No Hi”) is on every 23rd November of every year as national holiday. Japanese Labor Thanksgiving Day is aim for making Japanese citizen appreciate value the of working hard and be grateful for every working section in the country who be the part of economic driven.

    There are several festivals and activities during this holiday such as Nagano Ebisuko fire work festival in Nagano prefecture.

    One of hearth warming activity is making gratitude card and little gift from elementary school student to policeman, fireman, healthcare staff, chef, construction worker, garbage collector and other working force of all industries in their area. Without their contribution and sweat, it is impossible to create developed countries as Japan this day. Every workforce in all sections is needed to build well and safe living society.


                Can you imagine the world without garbage collector, how dirty our community will be? They volunteered themselves to make our community to be clean and well organized as well as another occupation, every occupations have their essential role in the community.

Nagano Ebisuko firework festival


Elementary school student gratitude card to workforce in various industries

As this is a holiday, having meal together with family is one of the most common activity in this day.

Tips : Labor Thanksgiving Day is originated from an ancient harvest festival called新嘗祭(Niiname sai), celebrating the harvest of Five cereals/grains as Japan on that period relied on livestock. Then after the World War 2, it is officially renamed into Labor Thanksgiving Day(勤労感謝の日) to make everyone express gratitude for every workforce in all industries who contributed to Japan economic development.