Autumn Equinox



                On 22-23 September of every year in Japan, it is a “Autumn Equinox” in Japanese 秋分の日(Shubun No Hi) This is one of national holiday. Autumn is one of the best seasons in Japan, most of Japanese people will go back to their hometown and pay respect to their ancestor worship columbarium, cleaning nearby area, visiting shire, and having Bota Mochi together.

                Ohagi(おはぎ) is an occasion dessert for Shubun No Hi, it made from rice with soft and sticky texture in Azuki paste (Red bean sweet paste). Some people even said that Ohagi is a holy food for autumn.

Tips : Autumn Equinox means, when sun reached the equator point(Middle line of the earth) on that day and night time will be equal.