Cap Nut


Cap Nut JIS B-1183 made in Japan

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What is this product? : Cap nut is a combination of hexagon nut type-2 which has a domed shape cap welded. This cap nut is designed for preventing male thread to be exposed for specific purpose. For example; preventing male thread to be damaged, preventing human from getting injure from the male thread in public area and also prevent any unwanted contamination go through the thread of fasteners.
Cap nut also be called as decorative or beauty nut, due to its neat and clean appearance as well as increase safety sense. It has same height and width as Hexagon nut type-2, so this can be replaced as ordinary hex nut for those purposes as above.

How to use? : Same as ordinary female fasteners, cap nut’s application is the same as ordinary hex nut. It can use to cover male thread as a single nut or use as double nut for better anti-loose purpose as it has same dimension in hexagon part as hexagon nut type-2. Even this is a decorative nut, please make sure to use a proper tightening torque as well.

Where to use, what kind of business using this product? : Cap nut is mostly be found in a public area which are likely to be seen or touched by human. For example; guardrail, fence, playground, parking lot, stairs, and etc. Male thread of the bolt which is exposing on these places are likely to be accidently touched by human and may cause injury or damage to their body, clothes or shoes. With cap nut covering the exposing male thread, not only make the area look clean but also increase safety as well.

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