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Flange Nut JIS B-1190 with serration / without serration

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What is this product? : Flange nut is one type of female nut which have a hexagon shape with chamfering at the hexagon corners on one side and washer-like attached at the another side, it has thread cut into the hole, mostly will be fastened with male thread. Another side with have a wide flat surface look like a flange in piping industries so we called them flange nut.
Flange nut combined strong point of round flat washer together with hexagon nut into one-part, wider flange will provide better friction force and distribute load evenly on rough surface.

For the flange side, there are 2 types of selection.

1.       Flange nut with serration : This type of flange nut contains a rough surface that look like  fish scales on the flange side, this thing called serration. It provides, a better grip to the surface but may leave the mark and damaged the material surface when unfastened. This also may not suit for soft material unlike hard material.

2.       Flange nut without serration : This type of flange nut will have a flat surface on the flange side. This is more suitable for soft material or application which remaining mark or damage on surface are not allowed.

How to use? : This product application is almost the same as ordinary hexagon nut, it need a wrench to fasten them into a male thread firmly. As flange nut is designed for increasing grip strength, proper torque is needed to ensure its maximum function.

Where to use, what kind of business using this product? : Flange nut can be found on your daily life but no as much as ordinary hex nut. You can find them in places like gym machines, appliances, automotive parts, or other places where gripping force is a concerned factor. Having flange nut can reduce assembly time compares to hex nut and washer. Make it very popular among automotive business which are likely to use automation machine to assemble the part. Also, if fasteners appearance is concerned, flange nut is also a good choice.

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