The Emperor's Birthday


The Emperor

    The Emperor's Birthday (天皇誕生日; Tennou Tanjoubi) is on 23rd February of every year. This day is a birthday of the Emperor Naruhito, current Emperor of Japan who was born on 23rd February 1960. He graduated from Gakushuin University in History degree, and Merton College, Oxford University with English degree. His majesty married to Masako Owada who is currently the Empress of Japan, They have one daughter. His majesty has interest in Water policy, history, music (His majesty also likes to play Viola).

His majesty, Emperor Naruhito portrait


    His majesty, Emperor Naruhito is a 126th Emperor of Japan who reigned after Emperor Akihito on 1st May 2019, on that day Reiwa era is began. Reiwa, this word is a combination of Rei (meaning order or auspicious) and Wa (harmony), The official translation of Reiwa is “Beautiful Harmony”.

Note: Year 2024 is Reiwa 6



Mr. Yoshihide Suga, a former Prime Minister of Japan announced Reiwa era


    On The Emperor's Birthday there will be a tea reception for guests of royal family such as prime mister and his party, parliament, foreign ambassador, and foreign royal family.
    Then the emperor will greet the people who came to celebrate his majesty and wave his hand at the Imperial palace along with royal family members.

Thousands of people joining the celebration at the Imperial Palace, Tokyo


    In addition, Japanese citizen who are not attending to the celebration outside will celebrate by decorating Japanese national flags on their households to show their patriotism and loyalty to the emperor. People who participating the parade or visit the palace, will bring a small Japanese national flag along with them as well.

    During the week, people also offer their good wishes and congratulation to the emperor on guest books in front of the Imperial Household Agency building for his dedication to Japan all the time.

Imperial Household Agency building