Hanshin Neji X PayPay


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Now, Hanshin Neji accepts PayPay payment!

    I think everyone might know about PayPay already, it is a mobile payment application which is invented by Z holdings, a joint venture of SoftBank Group and Yahoo Japan. PayPay gains the largest user in Japanese mobile payment application category.

    PayPay is mostly use by restaurant, grocery store and café to make alternative payment channel to customer which is quicker, easier, and more convenient. Cashless payment is a future trend of payment these day with its several advantages as below.

         Quick – There is no need to prepare cash or find a coin then count them from your wallet, just refill the money into the system. Then, it will deduct the money from your application afterwards.

         No change – Sometimes, having many coins make you have difficulty to manage or use them. Imagine you are getting everyday. Also at the opposite side, the shops or stores have to reserve large amount of every day for preparing your change.

         Contactless – during pandemic time, we try to avoid touching each other as much as possible to prevent the virus. Cash is one of the objects that which contaminated most of virus in the world but we might not notice it, cash is passing from people to people in unknown situation without any sanitization. Cash can be the source of the virus as well if we touched them and touch our sensitive areas like month and eyes without cleaning our hands. Cashless promote new way of payment with the help of technology this day.

    Let`s come back to our business, for fasteners business this quite far and unrelated from cashless payment but we are striving to initiate new thing to make our customer satisfy in this 4.0 world. We might be the first fasteners company in Japan who applied this payment system. Fasteners company in majority thinking may be unattractive place to visit if there is no business to deal with but we want our company to be new generation of fasteners business which is full of technology and being attractive company to visit.

     After half-year of PayPay application, we can feel positive feedback for customer who noticed we also receive payment via PayPay. Sometimes customer doesn’t want to pay by cash and also bank transfer in Japan from user to company may not convenient for customer. This Payment gateway is one of our solutions to make customer receive the best satisfaction from us. We will keep initiative to find better solution for customer.

If you are looking for high-quality and reliable fasteners for your projects, Hanshin Neji is the best choice for you. We accept PayPay payment, which makes your shopping experience easier and more convenient. Contact us today and get a free quote for your fastener needs. We are always happy to assist you.