Nylon Hex Nut


Nylon Hex Nut made in Japan

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What is this product? : Nylon nut or Nylon inserted nut is one type of female fastener which have a nylon ring inserts into the top of the inner thread of the nut. This nylon ring will increase gripping function due to friction have been created when male fasteners fasten through the nylon ring. This made nylon nut to be one of the ideal anti-loose fasteners for application which vibration is involved. Nylon ring color may vary depend on country or user demand, for example white or clear color for Japanese market, and will be blue nylon ring for USA market but it can be flexible.

How to use? : Normally, this nylon nut will fasten with bolt or male fasteners and act itself as female nut function. As nylon ring is inserted in the inner thread, make this nut need higher tightening torque more than normal hexagon nut, small hand wrench might be difficult to fasten the nut all the way into the bolt so you may need some bigger fastening tools to install it.

Where to use, what kind of business using this product? : If vibration is involved to your application and current fasteners tend to be loosen, nylon nut is a good solution for this due to higher gripping function from friction in the thread area. This nylon nut can generally see in our daily life sometimes as a part of machine, building, gym machine or etc. which have a possibility of fasteners loosing. But due to this nut have a Nylon part, make it sensitive to high temperature application, please concern this point before install them as well.

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