8T Hexagon Nut


8T/Class-8 Hexagon Nut made in Japan

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What is this product? : 8T Hexagon nut or Class-8 Hexagon nut or S45C Hexagon nut, are what people calling this nut. It is a mid-high strength of ordinary hexagon nut. This product is made of S45C material or equivalent with heat treatment as an option, if this material is heat treated to increase hardness, then product name will be S45C(H).

How to use? : Normally, this hexagon nut will fasten with bolt or male fasteners and act itself as female nut function. If you are going to use the bolt or screw that fasten through the hole and need to be locked the tip of the bolt or screw, hexagon nut is an ideal fastener for this application.

Where to use, what kind of business using this product? : As it is a hexagon nut, made it be able to be seen almost everywhere where it is fastened with bolt of screw in our daily life such as bench in the park, machine, car, building and etc. As this is mid-high strength made this nut suitable for fasten with 8.8 bolt or above strength. Select suitable male and female fasteners can help user to prevent material breakage in higher tensile application. Difference grade of material may cause them damage each other at some point while they are fastened together.

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