6.8 Hexagon bolt


6.8 Hexagon Bolt JIS B-1180

Categories : Bolt

What is this product? : 6.8 Hexagon bolt appearance look like other standard hex bolt which is one of the most common fasteners in the world due to its universal applications. This bolt has a hexagon shaped head, which mostly fasten with spanner or hexagon wrench. This is mid-tensile strength bolt which mostly available in larger sizes. This is rare bolt that you might not see it often.

How to use? : The place or area must be pre-tapped with your desired dimension, then use hexagon wrench or spanner to install them with proper torque. Also, even without pre-tapped, it can be use with non-threaded hole as well. This application will hang the bolt and fasten with female nut and the end. 6.8 Hexagon bolt may use with higher tensile application than 4.8 Hexagon bolt.

Where to use, what kind of business using this product? : Due to its mid-tensile strength make 6.8 class Hexagon bolt hold Tensile Strength = 600 N/mm² and Yield Strength = 480 N/mm² This strength suit for medium weight application such as assemble with machine or general application with and etc. Normally, this is a rare bolt which mostly made by order only, so there might be a low chance for you to see this bolt in your daily life.

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