Wing Bolt


Wing Bolt JIS B-1184 made in Japan

Categories : Bolt

What is this product? : Wing bolt is one kind of male bolt which have a wing-like head, this is designed in order to self-fastening with hand in various angles. There is no tools and spanner needed to install this wing bolt. This convenience usage made wing bolt became popular for application which are likely to be adjust to open or close by consumer themselves or even user in frequent rate in replaced of regular fasteners.

How to use? : Due to it is designed for hand fastening purpose so you can use this fastener instead of regular fasteners. There are some cautions that you have to concern before selecting wing bolt replace of regular fasteners. If the application related to vibration or heavy-duty application, prevent to use wing bolt due to limitation of torque fastening by hand, user might not know how tight it was fastened, this can cause fastener became loose or damage. Especially, if this application is tightening torque are concerned.

Where to use, what kind of business using this product? : Wing bolt can be found on machine, tools, furniture or even instrument which have a frequent rate of self-adjustment and easy to use with hand for example Drum instruments, bicycle bearing, furniture,  or any adjuster applications.

If you are looking for good quality Wing bolt, please feel free to contact us. We do have Wing bolt in several plating and sizes, start from 1 piece. We also provide custom made according to your drawing as well.

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