Flange Hexagon Bolt


Flange Hexagon Bolt JIS B-1189 with Serration/non-Serration

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What is this product? : Flange Hexagon bolt JIS B-1189 or Hexagon bolt with flange is one kind of male bolt that its appearance almost look like ordinary hexagon bolt but Flange hex bolt contain a flange(A round shape collar under the hexagon head), its name is well explained the appearance of this bolt.

Why flange is added into hex bolt?
    Flange collar is function as a washer to increase gripping strength to the surface and prevent bolt or screw damage or sink into the material. Plus, this will save user time to assemble bolt and washer together before they fasten.

There are 2 types of flange bolt which are

1.       Type-1 : This type hexagon head part and flange part will look like hex nut and washer assembled together from side view. There is no taper on top of the flange.

2.       Type-2 : This type there will be taper on the flange and have a higher head height compares to type-1. This is the most popular flange bolt type.

Additionally, there are yet 2 flange collar types as below

1.       No serrate : This type of flange bolt will have a flat surface on the flange side. This is more suitable for soft material or application which remaining mark or damage on surface are not allowed.

2.       With serrate : This type of flange bolt contains uneven surface that look like fish scales on the flange side; this thing called serration. It provides, a better grip to the surface but may leave the mark and damaged the material surface when unfastened. This also may not suit for soft material unlike hard material.

How to use? : Its application almost same as an ordinary hex bolt. The place or area must be pre-tapped with your desired dimension, then use hexagon wrench or spanner to install them with proper torque. Also, even without pre-tapped hole, it can be used with non-threaded hole as well. This application will hang the bolt and fasten with female nut and the end.

Where to use, what kind of business using this product? : Like ordinary Hex bolt that have several strength classes, flange hex bolt also available in several strength classes and materials as well such 4 Mark, 7 Mark, 8.8, 10.9 and etc. Flange bolt can be seen almost everywhere due to its universal application but mostly it will be seen in automotive industry as car/motorcycle parts both interior and exterior. Also, if appearance is a concerned point, flange bolt is a good option for this.

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