10.9 Hexagon Bolt


10.9 Hexagon Bolt JIS B-1180 Made in Japan

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What is this product? : 10.9 Hexagon bolt may look similar to other common hexagon bolts and its versatility makes this bolt to be one of the most common fasteners in the world. The head of this bolt is hexagonal, and it is mainly fasten by using a spanner or a hexagonal wrench. This bolt has high tensile strength and mainly available in large sizes only. Since it is a bolt that is often used for high-strength application, there are various sizes, and bolts with a fine pitch are often used, making it a highly versatile bolt among high-strength bolts.

How to use? : Tap the desired dimensions in advance, and use a hexagon wrench or spanner to install with the proper torque. It can also be used without taps other than screw holes. It is also possible to insert a bolt into a hole without a tapped hole and tighten the tip with a nut.
Where and what kind of work is this product used for? : High-strength bolts mainly used for construction machinery and machinery. The material is SCM435.
The maximum tensile strength is 1040n/mm. Yield strength is 936N/mm at 90% of maximum tensile. The type of plating is basically black oxide, and in addition, we also have Unichrome and Trivalent Zinc plating 10.9 Hexagon Bolt in stock.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you're going to Electro-galvanizing plating with 10.9 Hexagon bolt, you have to bake it to remove hydrogen out of the bolt to prevent Hydrogen embrittlement.

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