Truss Head Screw(+)


Truss Head Screw(+) JIS B-1111 made in Japan

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What is this product? : Truss head screw(+) JIS B-1111 is one type of male fasteners in machine screw category. Truss head screw has a mushroom-shaped head with cross-recessed(+) mark as known as Phillips drive head. The head of Truss head screw will be slightly wider and rounder compares to button head socket screw.

Phillips head drive is refer to a cross-recessed head(+) drive system for the screw, This type of screw is one of the most common screws in the world, you can see this truss head screw(+) everywhere in daily life.      

In the industry there are several Phillips drive-like head types and they seem to be similar but there are some differences in detail. For example, in Japan we will use JIS B-1012 head drive instead of Phillips head drive. Some of JIS B-1012 head drive will have a dot mark on the screw head to distinguish it from another head drive but not all of JIS B-1012 drive will have a dot.

How to use? : The place or area must be pre-tapped and threaded as your desired dimension, then use a proper type and correct size of Phillips or JIS (+) Hand screwdriver to fasten them until you feel tight.

If your screwdriver keeps slipping from the screw head, please do not forge pushing and fasten further to prevent screw drive turn to be stripped. This is a function of Phillips drive to prevent overtightening.

Where to use, what kind of business using this product? : As wider head of truss head screw, make it be able to prevent itself from sinking too deep into the material and cause tearing. This screw is well fit for fastening to thin surface material like metal sheet, thin plate, roofing material and etc.

As its universal applications, made Truss head screw(+) turns to be one of favorite for most of people along with pan, and truss head screw. With a mere hand screwdriver can create several flat head screw applications from fixing in household and industrial use.

This screw is available everywhere in our daily life and easy to be sourced at general hardware store near your place.

Truss head screw(+)  JIS B-1111 is available in several material, plating, and length which suited for almost of applications.

Truss Head Screw(+) JIS B-1111 : We have fasteners over 700,000 SKU IN STOCK from M1 - M100 l Start from 1 pc l Ship from Japan to the world everyday