Flat Head Socket Cap Screw


Flat Head Socket Cap Screw JIS B-1194

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What is this product? : Flat head cap screw JIS B-1194 or countersunk head cap screw is one type of socket cap screw category which is one of the most common screw type in the world due to its universal applications. Flat head cap screw has a flat countersunk head shape as its name with hexagon hole. The countersunk head part will be tapered and sink into the surface or material with no head shown over the surface, make a flat, clean, and neat look.
    Hexagon hole is designed for improve fastening torque driving to the screw to fit several applications from light to severe condition.
    Unlike recessed flat head screw (+) which have a recessed (Plus-like shape (+)) drive hole, Flat head cap screw can create better torque with its hexagon socket drive hole and yet available in higher-tensile material.

    Flat head cap screw is available in several standards such as JIS, DIN, ISO, and maker standard. There are cautions that user have to aware in the height and width of the head part before purchase, so please make sure to check the drawing and specification before apply.

How to use? : As the countersunk head below part will be tapered, made installation process need few more steps.
1.       Clean the surface
2.       Drill the surface with drill bit to your desire screw length
3.       Use countersink bit to initiate taper part
4.       Use machine or hand tap to make a thread
5.       Use countersink bit to make taper part again until you get your desired taper depth

   Then other processes are the same, place or area must be pre-tapped, tapered, and threaded as your desired dimension, then use hexagon wrench or tools to install them with proper torque. This hexagon hole even provide user a convenience to fasten them in several angles as well, this suit for narrow or space limited place.

Where to use, what kind of business using this product? : Due to Flat head cap screw head and body will be sunk into the surface, this create safety and beauty appearance to the material or object. With higher torque potential compares to recessed flat head screw (+) make this screw be able to fasten to car parts, machine or any other torque and strength concerned area that need flat surface installation.

Flat head cap screws are available in several strengths such as 8.8, 10.9, and 12.9 that suit almost of applications. Flat head cap screws have several thread lengths both full and half threads for selection.

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