Hex Nut Type-1


Hex Nut Type-1 JIS B-1181 made in Japan

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What is this product? : Hexagon Nut Type-1 is a very popular female fastener in Japan and other parts of the world. This nut is designed to fixed two or more things together, it used to prevent bolt or any male thread become losing.

Hexagon Nut Type-1 is a female nut which have a hexagon shape with chamfering at the hexagon corners on one side and another side will be flat, it has thread cut into the hole, mostly will be fastened with male thread.

They are mostly made from cold-forging process but some of them are made from hot-forging process in large sizes. It can also be made by cutting work in case of low quantity as well.

Hexagon Nut Type-1 has a height = 80% of it’s nominal diameter. For example, Hexagon Nut Type-1 M10 will have a height = 8mm.

Due to chamfering will be made on one side only, made this type of nut gain cost competitive in Japan. In exchange, user may make take more time to turn them in to right orientation before apply, flat side must be faced to the contact surface

How to use? : This product application is almost the same as hex bolt, it need a wrench to fasten them into a male thread firmly. As it is a female nut which has one side with chamfering and another flat side, user have to ensure that flat side is fastened to contacting surface.

Where to use, what kind of business using this product? : Hexagon Nut Type-1 can be found anywhere in our daily such as building, bridge, construction site, machine, bicycle, computer, and etc. 
Hexagon Nut Type-1 is mostly use widely in Japan and other Japanese manufacturers all over the world. Sometimes you can see the drawing which mentioned Hexagon Nut Type-1 even you are in abroad, in this case you may assume that this nut as mentioned in the drawing might be applied in Japanese related machine or part.

If you are looking for good quality Hexagon Nut Type-1, please feel free to contact us. We do have Hexagon Nut Type-1 in several plating and sizes, start from 1 piece. We also provide custom made according to your drawing as well.

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