Eye Bolt


Eye Bolt JIS B-1168 Made in Japan by Shizuka

Categories : Other fasteners

What is this product? : Eye bolt is knows as a lifting and moving purpose fastener, this product have a circular shape hook (Look like an eye) on the head and below part are the same as ordinary fasteners. They are mostly made of hot forging method (Surface will be rough) which is suited for heavy weight lifting application and cold forging (Surface will be neat and clean) for light weight lifting application. With eye shape headed, allow you to initial fasten the bolt with hands until it reached a desired tightness, then using tools to fasten them all the way in firmly.

How to use? : This product need to use with the hoist or crane with a hook to grip and hang this product, then lift them into your desired area. Please be careful about the object total weight and lifting angle as well, wrong application may impact the weight lifting capability and cause an accident. So please check the product specification carefully before using or consult it with your local fasteners expert.
Where to use, what kind of business using this product? : Eye bolt is mostly assembled with side or corner of the machine, metal plate, mold or any heavy object which have a high possibility to relocate. Due to reusability of eye bolt, made it very popular for industrial use. Eye bolt even can fasten to the same pre-tapped hole that use for normal fasteners as well.

You can see eye bolt in most of the factories. If there those objects are likely to relocate, you might see left over pre-tapped holes at the corner of those objects. These are likely to assemble with eye bolt.

If you are looking for good quality eye bolt, please feel free to contact us. We do have eye bolt in several plating and sizes, start from 1 piece. We also provide custom made according to your drawing as well.

Eye Bolt JIS B-1168 made in Japan by Shizuka : We have fasteners over 700,000 SKU IN STOCK from M1 - M100 l Start from 1 pc l Ship from Japan to the world everyday