U-Bolt Made in Japan

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What is this product? : U-Bolt is a fastener which have a “U” shape like, at the end of the “U” it have a threads on both sides. This made U-Bolt is perfectly fit for assembling with Pipe or tube. To make a “U” shape, bending process is needed. There are not many fasteners which are made of bending process. U-Bolt is mostly using to lock the tube or pipe and fasten nut at the end of each side. Size of U-bolt can be confused for amateur to choose for example M8x25A this measurement is differs to normal fasteners, please see below explanation for better understanding.

U-Bolt M8x25A
M8 = Thread diameter
25A = U-shape radius which refer to pipe size,
                25A is used for 1” pipe which have outer diameter = 34mm

*Please see drawing for each standard before select the size of U-Bolt if you are not sure about it*

How to use? : After select the applicated size of U-Bolt that suits to the pipe size, then assemble them together and lock with nut at the end, nut frame is also needed in case of you are installing them on overhead pipe with no clamp. Please remember that 1 U-Bolt is needed at least 2 Female Nuts.

Where to use, what kind of business using this product? : When talking about Pipe or Tube, most of people will think of Petrochemical, Water&Gas supply, and those fluid supply business. U-Bolt are also mostly visible in those businesses to hang the pipe or tube in place. Due to application are likely for outdoor use, U-Bolt are mostly plated with Hot-Dipped Galvanized or other high corrosive resistance plating. If pipe or tube are stainless, U-Bolt also have to be stainless as well to prevent oxidation.

Sometimes you can see U-Bolt inside the factory as well, they can be visible in Zinc plated for appearance purpose as well.

If you are looking for good quality U-Bolt, please feel free to contact us. We do have U-Bolt in several plating and sizes, start from 1 piece. We also provide custom made according to your drawing as well.

U-Bolt Made in Japan : We have fasteners over 700,000 SKU IN STOCK from M1 - M100 l Start from 1 pc l Ship from Japan to the world everyday