12.9 Hex bolt


12.9 Hex bolt JIS B-1180 made in Japan

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12.9 hexagon bolt JIS B-1180 is a bolt with extremely high strength, and the manufacturer's name and strength classification are engraved in alphabetical letters on the hexagonal head as 12.9.

12.9 mark indicates the strength classification, the tensile strength is 1,200N/㎟, the proof stress at 0.2% which is Yield strength 1,080N/㎟
It has a tensile strength of 1,200N/㎟, which means that it will not break up to 1200N/㎟, and have a yield strength at 1,080N/㎟, this yield strength means if tensile is within 1,080N/㎟ it will remain it’s flexibility to return itself into original state after being stretched.

The surface treatment mostly be black oxide, the material is structural alloy steel (SCM435) which hardness is around 38-43HRC

As 12.9 hexagonal bolts have extremely high strength and durability, so they are often used in critical assembly work such as mechanical parts, construction, around engines, construction machinery, and etc.

The available sizes of 12.9 hex bolts are (*The length under the neck is range of 5 to 10mm*)

For 12.9 hex bolts, it is important to select an appropriate size nut and check whether cleaning or lubrication is required depending on the usage conditions.

Then choose the appropriate torque wrench or wrench. Create and tighten the appropriate tightening torque according to the bolt and nut size, material, and application.

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