You can order from just 1 piece

We have wide range of Japanese High-quality standard products available which you can order from 1 piece,

Hanshin Neji supply fasteners to the world in small lot with short lead time, some vendors doesn`t accept this small quantity order, they preferred large amount order but we do, even 1 small screw or 1 nut, we also accept the order. Please feel free to contact us.

Proactive and reliable fasteners solution

We aim to see customer`s fasteners pain point to solve the real problem, not only just selling fasteners.

Hearing story from you first then introducing the right product which most suits to your application that help you work quicker, easier and even save your cost.



Global procurement with quality guarantee 

There are no matter which sourcing solutions you chose from us, we will ensure that there will be only good and quality products delivered to you regardless of products origin.

Even your project is cost concerned, we also can work with you.

75 years of business

With our 75 years history, we have gained trust from customer with our motto “Sincerity”

Since 1950, We have contributed to Japanese manufacturing industry. We are not only supply JIS standard product but also various fasteners parts such as special and custom-made bolt. We will continue to contribute manufacturing unit not only Japan but all over the world.
Human power both physical and mental

We are not just train our team with fasteners knowledge and working skill but we do train our thinking and mental as well to make ourselves ready to serve customer with our full positive potential.