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Nylok® is a reliable self locking fastener developed by ©Nylok. The element of self locking is permanently spray bonded onto the threads. And Nylok fastener technology is adopted by various kinds of industries such as automobile, electronics, train and furniture.

We have these reliable self lock fasteners Nylok® in stock. So we can provide them to you very quickly and at cost effectively.
Nylok Stock List

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Nylok Socket Head Cap Screw/Black
Nylok Socket Head Cap Screw/Zinc plated
Nylok Flat Head Countersunk Socket/Black
Nylok Set Screw
Cup Point/Black
Nylok Socket Head Cap Screw/Stainless A2-70
Nylok Set Screw
Cup Point/ Stainless
Nylok Pan Head Screw/Stainless
Nylok Flat Head
Nylok Truss Head Screw/Stainless
Nylok Nut/Stainless
Nylok Nut/Zinc Plated
Nylok Flange Nut/Zinc Plated
Nylok Nut/S45C
Special bolt or nuts are avaialble to process Nylok®.
Please feel free to ask us anything about Nylok®.
is processed by Nihon Nylok Corporation

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TEL +81-6-6466-3491
FAX +81-6-6461-8777